About me

Ciao, my name is Nicoletta, I am 28, I have a husband who is the number one fan of my dishes and mother of a beautiful and hyperactive 10-month-old baby who loves my delicacies appositely designed for her. I am Italian, exactly from Calabria, the wonderful tip of the Italian boot, but adopted for about four years by England, another exceptional country. Lover of travel and good food, I have always been fascinated by the world of cooking, especially savoury dishes, which have always been my forte. While for desserts, after various attempts, I preferred not to look anymore into any recipe for everyone’s sake. However, exactly 10 months ago, as soon as I went on maternity leave, I decided to search on the web for some simple recipes for baked cakes and, magically, a very fragrant and delicious cake came out. From there, I decided to try others, even difficult ones, and from the satisfaction obtained, I decided to start transcribing everything in a notebook. Today I have decided to transform my notes into a digital version and share my modest knowledge with you!! The recipes on my blog belong to the culinary traditions of my region and nation, but you will also be able to find recipes from magazines, books and internet, coming from other parts of the world.


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